As an entrepreneur, you love thinking of new ways to meet customer demands and maximize profit. Of course, if your company has cashflow problems, you may have difficulty getting your product to market. Even worse, you could have trouble paying your employees and vendors. Fortunately, there may be a fast way to access the financing you need to do business. Here are four ways unsecured lines of credit may help your business with its cashflow needs.

1. Qualify for Funds Without Excessive Documentation

When you apply for a traditional loan from a bank or credit union, you expect to go through a challenging application process. That makes sense, as bankers generally don’t like to lend large sums of money to companies they don’t know. While you must complete an application and provide certain documentation to secure a line of credit, the application process is usually significantly less burdensome than applying for a conventional loan.

2. Access Funds Quickly and Easily

With unsecured lines of credit, you don’t have to wait to access funds. Instead, you tap into the money you need to continue your business when you need it. Even better, you probably don’t have to pay interest on the entire credit line. Instead, with most lines of credit, bankers expect you to pay interest on only the funds you access. You also only must repay the funds you use rather than of making monthly loan payments.

3. Benefit From Flexibility in Credit Terms

You probably have options when applying for a business line of credit. If you choose to pursue an unsecured credit line, you may pay a higher interest rate. On the other hand, if your company has assets, you may be able to convert your unsecured credit line to a secured one. This could save you a few interest points.

4. Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates

Small business owners often use high-interest credit cards to secure the cash they need to maintain and grow their businesses. While you may have a lower-interest card, you can probably get a better interest rate by switching your cashflow strategy from credit cards to a business line of credit. When considering your bottom line, even small interest savings can make a big difference.

New business owners understand how difficult it can be to access funds for the business. If a conventional business loans are not feasible for you, you may want to consider unsecured lines of credit. For at least four reasons, credit lines make good sense for savvy entrepreneurs.