Opening a restaurant is a dream of many. Keeping a restaurant open isn’t easy.

Here are five tips for successful restaurant management.

Work in the Industry

You may have tons of experience in business, but you need industry experience to be successful. You need to know how to run a business, but you also need practical real-life work in all aspects of restaurant management.

Have a Clear Concept

When you’re ready to open a restaurant, know your concept so you can focus on the thousands of details that will take your attention. It’s difficult to be creative at the same time you’re having to be entrepreneurial. If you know your primary focus, it’s easier to make decisions in the moment.

Pay Attention to the Details

Watch your budget. Pay attention to perishable inventory. Cut costs anywhere you can to make your bottom line more profitable. Know when your taxes are due. Treat employees well to prevent turnover but expect employees to come and go. Make sure your staff knows what you expect. Check cleaning schedules.

Listen to the People Around You

Have mentors who will give you constructive criticism. Listen to their advice. Step back from your creative ideas and look at it as a customer would. Don’t be afraid to adapt to the changing market. Restaurant management isn’t just as easy as having great food.

Plan for Delays in Opening

If you’re remodeling before opening, expect delays. Very few restaurants open on schedule. Plan for construction delays. Know that it might take longer to get your licenses than you planned. Work in a buffer for things that can happen before you open your doors. Keep your timeline realistic, so you’re not scrambling to be open on a certain date. A soft opening gives you time to work out the kinks.

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