Good salespeople are expected to always offer superior service to their existing customers.

But doing this only can be dangerous – you never know if clients will go out of business, change leadership, relocate or not want to work with your organization.

It’s tough, but the name of the game is to keep producing, which means keep on searching for opportunities for lead generation.

You can go old-school by walking down the street and knocking on doors. This has its appeal can be a fun way to meet people and practice cold calls.

Or you can be a little more precise in your lead generation efforts which can involve smarter prospecting and planning ahead for how to convert word-of-mouth contacts into sales, or at least good referrals.

These can include:

  • Give a time limit. You don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but you can offer something even larger for lead generation, provided they do so in a certain amount of time. Maybe say something like “This month only, I’ll double the amount of the gift card.” This could further encourage and motivate people who may already be familiar with your interests.
  • Tell them how to share referrals. Don’t make anything complicated, but provide instructions in how to share possible names or contacts. Should they call you? Should they email? Should they visit your site? Make it clear when you talk to them in person and then on any materials you leave behind such as business card or flier.
  • Do something before and after. If someone does give you a referral, pay up and pay up fast. This will encourage them to continue. If their referral results in new business, give them something else as a bonus thank-you.

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