Real estate investing

One industry that has benefitted from online data is real estate. Mortgage information is more available now than ever before, changing the arduous process of getting information on properties into an easier task. If you’re interested in real estate investing, then you need to know how to get information about deeds, liens and mortgages on a property before you buy.

Online Tools

Of course, you can go to the county clerk’s office to get public records on a particular property. But if you’re investing in real estate, you may want to look at multiple properties in many different counties. That is going to take time. Using online resources and tools, you can get information quickly, allowing you to make good decisions in real estate investing.

Reonomy lets you access accurate mortgage information on commercial properties. It’s a fee-based program that places tons of information at your fingertips. It has search capability and provides detailed information about the lender and mortgage on properties.

Public property online records websites, such as ACRIS, which serves New York City, can give you information about properties. Netronline searches state records and acts like a portal to get information across the country. You can also search for the county clerk’s office specifically.

What Do You Do With That Information?

Once you have mortgage information, you can put it to use. You may identify properties that are in distress or connect with property owners to offer services about their mortgage. You may find that the property has another lien. Real estate investors need data to know the market and people involved. You can move quicker when you have information that helps you make good decisions.

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