Financing to Help You Thrive in Delivering Prefabricated Goods

When your business involves providing customers with already finished products, then it’s easy for others to assume your operations are stress-free since you don’t have to meet the needs of production. You, on the other hand, know better; while securing orders can be relatively easy, gaining access to a sufficient supply can be a nightmare. Yet with a purchase order in hand, you already have all you need to secure the funds to deliver on time. We here at ACS Capital Lending want to show you how.

The Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Through our Purchase Order Financing program, you can get the funds needed to guarantee all your current orders and still have the flexibility needed to bring in more business. This programs offers a wealth of advantages, no matter what role you play in the supply chain, be it:

  • Importing
  • Exporting
  • Domestic production

We can help finance orders that are already in progress or help you to secure letters of credit to assist with your import and export transactions. Best of all, you’re securing these resources with taking on any new debts. This not gives you the confidence to guarantee on-time deliveries, but also the ability to expand you market share.

Thanks to our PO Financing program, countless companies like yours have been able to expand their operations without having to assume more debt. Isn’t it about time you enjoyed the same benefit. Contact us today and we’ll help you do just that.