What Could You Do with a Quick Infusion of Cash?

What small business owner hasn’t wondered what he or she might be able to do with a quick infusion of cash? What makes entrepreneurs so extraordinary is that their minds are always busy thinking about the next big product or promotion that’s going to help the graduate from being a small business to becoming a big-name brand. Unfortunately, their ambitions often outpace their bank accounts. If this accurately describes your situation, then you’re in luck: you’ve found the ideal partner in ACS Capital Lending .

Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance

Why are we your perfect partner? Because we know about all of the lending resources that your currently not utilizing. Chief among these is your merchant account. Through the following simple process, you can secure up to $200,000 for each of your business locations:

  • Contact us to get your application started
  • Provide with some basic information about your business
  • Wait about a week to receive your advance

It really is that simple. There are no application fees, no closing costs, and no need for collateral. In fact, you don’t even need to propose a repayment schedule. Rather, a small portion of your future credit card payments is applied towards the balance owed on your advance.

Don’t let assumed financial constraints hold your business back anymore. Let us here at ACS Capital Lending help you secure a merchant cash advance to finance your next idea or growth opportunity. Our team of financial professionals can’t wait to assist you, so give us a call today!