Take the Stress Out of Your Franchise Purchase

Purchasing a restaurant, salon, gym or real-estate franchise typically requires a prospective buyer to meet certain financial and liquidity characteristics that are set by the franchisor. ACS Capital Lending understands the stringent conditions that can often be placed on franchise buyers and our franchise financing programs are designed to meet these very specific needs.

How We Can Help You Meet Your Franchise-Purchase Needs

Whether you are purchasing a franchise for an investment or intend to operate it to generate income for yourself, we provide specialized loan programs that can be customized to meet your individual needs. Our franchise programs provide:

  • Franchise opportunities for first-time buyers
  • Loans up to 90 percent of franchise value
  • Low interest rates and generous repayment terms
  • Zero penalties for advance payment of full loan balance
  • Terms of up to 25 years
  • Additional cash for working capital
  • A fast closing and funding process

Contact Us Now and See How We Can Help You Acquire Your Franchise

ACS Capital Lending is here to assist you in meeting the required financial qualifications that can enable you to purchase or invest into a wide range of franchise opportunities. To discuss how our franchise financing options can help you to achieve your goals, contact one of our seasoned franchise specialists today for a no-fee no-obligation consultation and fast pre-qualification process.