Can you remember the last time you experienced genuinely exceptional customer service? This is something that can stick with you for a long time. You may have never stopped to consider why this interaction was so distinctive from other customer service transactions. Often, the experience you are thinking about involved a representative who showed prowess with some of the skills we’ll be talking about today.


This is a big one, a representative who is capable of expressing empathy can provide an above-average interaction. It shows that the representative can set aside how he or she feels to understand the way you feel in the current situation. A truly fantastic customer service rep can look back on their own experiences to get an idea of how you might feel now. This skill is great because it can boost customer satisfaction for a company.


Next up is patience and it is equally important for a successful customer service interaction. A patient representative has the ability to handle a customer who is angry or hostile while being professional the entire time. This person will be working to find an answer to the problem without getting flustered or become disrespectful.

Active Listening

Active listening can turn a horrible interaction into something much more positive. Some of the critical aspects of active listening include deferring judgment, showing appropriate non-verbal signals, and providing feedback or responding appropriately. This goes a long way in showing a representative is listening and cares about your situation.


Something that can stand out in terms of service is being proactive. This means going above and beyond what a customer might expect. It might mean finding a unique solution to a problem that seems to have no answer. Letting your employees go off script in moments where it matters can go a long way toward seeing both proactivity and customer satisfaction rise.


Something that can calm even the most irate customer is getting a resolution the first time they complain. Being required to call back can cause frustration and anger. Having a sense of responsibility and working hard to find an answer for a customer’s problem will increase the chance of a positive resolution.

By implementing these five skills, someone who works with customers will be more likely to find reliable solutions. The combination of any of the above skills also makes it possible to create great interactions that stay in a customer’s mind long after the conversation has concluded.