Entrepreneurship can bring you wealth and satisfaction, but the path is almost never easy. What’s more, there’s no single path to achieving your goal. When you’re on the way to realizing your business vision, you’ll get a lot of advice, but you can’t believe everything you hear. Don’t let the following myths derail your dream of successful entrepreneurship. 

Keep all the social media bases covered: Not wise. Most businesses should concentrate on a few social media accounts, rather than trying to maintain a presence on every platform. There are just too many, and you’ll spread yourself too thin trying to manage them all, and keep them all up to date. Don’t waste your time. Choose those that are most relevant to your business, that are easy to use and that show excellent results relatively quickly. Once you have one terrific, high-performing social media account, consider adding another to your mix.
 You need a big budget for online marketing results: Not necessarily. You can use your already existing website for inbound marketing to bring in leads through organic search. Just fine tune your website content with smart search engine optimization (SEO). Include super-relevant keywords and long-tail key phrases, including geographic keywords for the towns and neighborhoods you serve. Make sure your content is fresh, useful and shareable. 

Hire a flashy guru: No–not until you can afford and vet them. Beware marketing consultants or gurus practicing the hard sell to get you as a client. Some only appear successful, but don’t have the necessary substance or expertise. You should only hire someone who has a demonstrated understanding of your industry and target audience. Your consultant should only offer advice that is consistent with your brand image, rather than providing generic marketing strategies or content solutions. Talk to recent past clients, preferably in your industry, to get the real story about the effectiveness of any potential consultant. Then expect frequent progress reports and evidence of success, like increased traffic, new leads and more.

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